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Leasing of business spaces

General information

To help successfully start developing your business, we offer business accommodations for offices and production premises on favorable terms. You are welcome to equip rented space by your choice.

Services included in the rent:

  • Business space insurance
  • Secretary services during work hours
  • Postal services: mail and small parcels
  • Maintenance of office equipment
  • Maintenance of the territory
  • security 24 hours a day
  • free secure daytime parking
  • conference room rent (5 hours monthly)
  • personal e-mail
  • connection to the telephone line
  • Personal Computer application (4 hours monthly)
  • Business consultation (on a quarterly basis)
  • Heating

How to become a leaseholder at SODBI Business Incubator:

  • entrepreneur contacts SODBI Business Incubator
  • entrepreneur fills out an application form
  • verification of entrepreneur’s business qualities, interview
  • evaluation of entrepreneur’s business plan, approval of the entrepreneur s entry proposal
  • agreement upon the possible requirements for repair and maintenance works
  • agreement upon the package of services offered by SODBI Business Incubator
  • signing the contract


You are leaseholder of business spaces!

Task duration:

Decision to sign the contract is made within a week from the day the proposal is submitted. Rent terms are specified in the contract.


Elmira Sugurbekova,

Contact information:

# 73 Zhandosova St.,
160006 Shymkent
tel./fax: +7 (7252) 489578/489548
e-mail: sodbi@sodbi.kz
URL: www.sodbi.kz